In 1968, four men had a dream, a dream that saw a community, Harlem, rising up from the severe blows of inadequate: sanitation services; health services; educational services, social services; and the rising dangerous levels of drug abuse. In short, they saw a need for a revolution.

The dream envisoned by these men, imbued with the philosophy of "self-help" and "total community involvement" and, fortified with the power of the Principles of the Nguzo Saba, saw themselves conquering these ills and safely returning the community to the levels of civilized living that is enjoyed during the Renaissance.

Well, of course, it didn't happen just like that, but it is still evolving and without a doubt, the concept of Phase: Piggy Back, which by the way grew from the Mother Company Operation Helping Hand, Inc., is a living, working concept that is changing lives in a positive way every day.

The accomplishments of this Company could not be realized were it not for the commitment, the belief and the incredible loyalty of the many staff persons that have come through and continue to come through, (while a core group remains) to continue the dream and to dream new dreams that come alive due to these efforts and this dedication.

As one who has been here from that humble, idealistic beginning (that journey of a thousand miles): one who has seen the baby crawl, toddle, walk and then run; I cannot adequately describe the feeling of pride when I see what has been accomplished to date and what is on the horizon.

We shall continue to Strive and with God's blessings, we will achieve and we will not be satisfied with our achievements until the total revolution has been fulfilled a totally drug free, ignorant free, low self-esteem free, lack of self-pride free, spiritually whole community.

Abukarriem Shabazz
January 1999


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